10 Myths About Acne Scars

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Myths Regarding Acne:

85% of people get acne in their lives at any point in time, this is the most discussed topic among people. Everyone is concerned about acne no matter what their age group is, and with this discussion comes facts and inevitable myths.

There is disinformation regarding acne, what acne is how it is treated and why could this happen. There are tons of myths regarding acne which has misguided people, especially younger adult leading to anxiety and stress among the younger generation.

Do Not Believe These Myths:

1. Myth #1

It is thought that people with acne scars can never have normal surfaced skin again. Thus they will have to live with dull and damaged skin.


This is not the fact and one needs not to get concerned about this acne scars are now manageable as there are many cosmological treatments that can resurface the skin and help make it look brighter and more vibrant. Some of these procedures are micro-needling, Hydra Facial, laser peeling, etc.

2. Myth #2:

ACNE is a condition usually found in teens, it is thought that acne is only associated with teens and causes scarring in them.


Acne is not associated with teens only rather could be at any age at any point in time. Women are more prone to acne than men and they get more acne than men in their 40s, and acne could leave scars on anyone but one need not get worried about it as this condition is now manageable.

3. Myth #3:

Some people think that exposure to direct sunlight and getting tan would help them get rid of the acne scar as the exposure to UV light will kill the bacteria causing acne and changing skin tone will hide the scars.


Sun rays do not kill the bacteria on your skin rather they thicken the stratum corneum of the skin which is the outermost layer of the skin consisting of dead cells, once they increase this blocks the pores and leads to more acne sprouting and may worsen the already existing situation may induce more infection leading to more scarring and tan cant help get rid of the scarring but may cause hyperpigmentation of the skin.

4. Myth #4:

It is thought that all oils help sprout acne. Applying any type of oil on the skin leads to the formation of acne, so do not to the app;y ol to the skin.


There are many oils available in the market that are helpful for reducing the swelling in the face, moisturizing the face well, and helping get rid of unwanted bacteria from the skin.

5. Myth #5:

People think washing the face repeatedly with ordinary soap will not let acne sprout.


Washing your face repeatedly with soap kills the healthy bacteria on the face and also washes off the normal oil secretion from the face leading to dry skin and thus provoking acne.

6. Myth #6:

People think that acne scarring only occurs on the face.


Acne scars can occur anywhere on the body on the shoulders, back, chest, arms, and neck that is Scarring can occur anywhere on the body areas which are prone to acne. Dermatologists are always concerned to treat the visible ones rather than hidden scars.

7. Myth #7:

 It is a myth that Acne scars are unpreventable and permanent.


Acne scars are preventable and there are currently numerous methods through which scarring can be stopped from getting worse and is manageable. The acne would not leave scars if you avoid pricking the acne pimples and avoid sun exposure. But it is always recommended to get the best diagnosis and treatment plan from a licensed professional for a smooth recovery.

8. Myth #8:

 Use toothpaste to remove acne or acne scars.


Toothpaste does have some content In its formulation that can help dry a pimple but it is not used for the face as it causes skin irritation and worsens the affected area.

9. Myth #9:

Popping the pimple will lead to the disappearing of the pimples from the skin faster and won’t let scarring.


Popping the pimple or removing the comedones from the skin will help disappear the pimple from the skin faster but the released pus will infect the surrounding area. The infection may penetrate the surrounding layers of the dermis leading to the formation of deep scars.

10. Myth #10:

Wearing makeup can hide the scars.


Wearing makeup that does not suit your skin will lead to allergy, irritation, and redness the skin. Therefore, wearing makeup can hide the scars temporarily but not permanently therefore many cosmological noninvasive treatments are being used that help remove the scars from the facial area of the skin. 

Where to get the best Acne Scar treatment?

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Acne and acne scarring is not a problem nowadays it comes with the best remedies. Never get misguided by the disinformation spreading around you, just consult a dermatologist before it gets too late.

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