Breast Augmentation in Islamabad

Breast Augmentation (bilateral breast augmentation or BBA) is an operation to enlarge the breasts. It can be a life-enhancing procedure. However, having a breast enlargement is a big decision.

What is breast augmentation?

Breast augmentation is usually done by inserting an implant beneath the breast to make it look larger. It will enlarge breasts that have always been small but can also be used to fill out breasts that used to be larger. An example would be breasts that have emptied out, perhaps following pregnancy.

Breast augmentation will reshape breasts to some extent. The procedure can also be used to correct breasts that are of unequal size.

An alternative to enlargement using an implant is to perform fat transfer, sometimes called lipomodelling, lipofilling, or fat grafting. This involves injection of fat taken from elsewhere on the body, into the breast area. Fat transfer may be an appropriate method of augmentation in a few people but is not suitable for all. This technique often requires more than one episode of surgery. It can also be used in combination with an augmentation.

Patients who have breast augmentation tend to be pleased with the results, however, it is important that you have realistic expectations.

You need to understand what can and cannot be achieved, the limitations of surgery, and the long-term consequences of having breast implants. Always consult your Doctor First.

  • It is important that you share all of your previous medical information with your surgeon.
  • You will be examined and measurements taken of your breasts. Some discussion will follow about implant shapes and possible sizes and the position of the pockets that are to be made for the implants to sit in behind your existing breast tissue.
  • To help give you an idea of the potential result some surgeons will use implant sizers in a bra. Others may use 3D photography. Although this can be helpful for you to have an idea of what you may look like after surgery.
  • You should be given a ‘cooling-off’ period of at least 2 weeks before having surgery, and you should be offered a second consultation, before the operation. You should not feel rushed into surgery.

Why is there a ‘cooling-off’ period?

Breast augmentation is a lifetime commitment and must not be considered a one-stop permanent solution.
It is essential that you make the appropriate choice and understand all the implications of the surgery you are considering. You will need revision surgery as the years go by and you need to be prepared personally and financially for this. Nobody needs an urgent breast augmentation.

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