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Skin disorders are conditions that affect the skin, including its appearance and function.

Examples include acne, eczema, psoriasis, skin cancer, rosacea, warts, hives, and vitiligo.

Treatment for skin disorders can vary, depending on the type and severity, and may include medications, topical creams, light therapy, or surgery. It’s important to seek medical attention for proper diagnosis and treatment.

Skin Specialist:

A skin specialist is a medical doctor who specializes in the treatment of skin disorders. They are also known as dermatologists.

Dermatologists are trained as such to diagnose and treat conditions ranging from common skin problems, such as acne and eczema, to more complex conditions, such as skin cancer and autoimmune skin diseases.

They may also provide advice on skincare and perform cosmetic procedures, such as laser treatments and injections.

Best Skin Specialist In Rawalpindi:

Dr.Mahvish is the best skin specialist in Rawalpindi and she is among the best dermatologists in the twin cities.

Dr.Mahvish is the head of the department of dermatology at PIMS. She is a highly qualified and certified dermatologist with a high level of patient satisfaction.

She is one of the best-reviewed dermatologists in town.

Therefore, if anyone wants to see a doctor then book your appointment now with Dr.Mahvish Aftab khan.

Dr.Mahvish Aftab Khan – Best Reviewed Dermatologist in Rawalpindi:

Dr.Mahvish Aftab khan is one of the best dermatologists In Rawalpindi she runs the skin clinic known as Skinsmith.Skin specialist in Rawalpindi Dr Mahvish Aftab Khan

She is providing professional services to her patients at a 100% satisfactory rate.

She has good communication skills and always provides professional opinions to her patients.

Skin Smith provides the best solution to the patients and treats the patients to their best. She provides a caring environment to her patients. She is easy to access and is always present for her patients.

Skin Smith is the place where all the questions and concerns are answered and all the medical issues are resolved.

Why choose Skinsmith?

Dermatology is a sole specialty.

If you want to be in good caring hands during treatment and want to get an honest opinion and expert advice then approach Dr.Mahvish at skin smith located in Islamabad.

Her priority is her patients. She provides optimal personalized dermatological care tailored according to the patient’s need and provides holistic care for complex and common skin disorders.

Affordable price range:

Dr. Mahvish is accessible to all and the good thing about her is that she is affordable.

Patients can have customized and personalized treatments. Her treatment procedures are either simple or complex. But are in the affordable range

Therefore whoever wants the treatment on a limited budget shall contact her for consultation.


Who is the Best dermatologist in Rawalpindi?

Dr.Mahvish Aftab is the best dermatologist in the twin cities providing the best services.

What are the abilities of a dermatologist?

Dermatologists provide services regarding the skin and treat hair and nail-associated disorders. They can also perform cosmetic procedures for allergies to skin cancers and various other disorders.

Is a skin specialist doctor?

Yes, a skin specialist is a doctor as they specialize in the skin (derma) and treat skin disorders after graduating from MBBS.

What is the medical term for dermatologists?

The medical term for skin specialist is a dermatologist.


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